Business Driven Technology

We here at Terrance believe the power to accomplish a building’s intended goals comes not just from its base electrical service, but also from a wide array of low voltage systems that provide vital communications. Terrance specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of these systems.

Total Systems Provider

Our Technology Team has experience unsurpassed in the region of voice, data and video systems that keep people, departments, and businesses working together and communicating smoothly. Our large team of cabling designers, technicians and installers has the training and expertise to handle everything from large scale systems design/build projects to daily service calls.

Our expertise in this area includes voice/data and fiber-optic cabling, copper cabling, paging systems and more. Our knowledge-based approach ensures that we are current on the latest technologies and techniques. Our people are trained and certified to install all major systems related to low voltage communication.

Fiber Optic Design and Installation

Network Cabling

Wireless system installation

Security and CCTV

Sound masking

Audio Visual

Paging and Notification

Telephony Systems

Our Work

Terrance Electric & Technology continues to stay true to its mission: provide professional, low cost and value driven service to clients in a timely, economic and safe manner.

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